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Our Story

The Nuaa Table is your new royal Thai dining experience.

     My passion for cooking started when I was a kid. My mother was a cook in the palace. She has cultivated a lot of secrets, skills, and attention to the cooking process. It made me want to be a good chef like my mother when I grew up.

     Through my 30 years of experience as a chef, I have always adhered to the philosophy that my mother taught: "Every time when you cooked the meals for anybody, you must do their best as if you are making for our family members eat"  And I have followed and followed through my years as a chef. Because I want you to have remarkable about Thai food experience every time when you taste my food.

     The more the cooking experience, the more fun and passionate it is for me to cook. It required me to create food that was healthiness and to fit in with the times, yet still retain the original taste of real Thai food.

     Nuaa means the mellow taste, so The Nuaa Table means the dining table that is full of amazing food and mellow flavors.
Because I regard cooking as an art. So my food will continue to be created. It will be adjusted according to the imagination and according to the season. So you'll always be able to taste new food from me. Please be open mind to new, carefully selected, and innovative foods from me.

     I wish you and your family a happy and enjoyable taste of delicious food from my table.

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